Melaye’s emergence as a governorship contender is dangerous, according to the former governor

Yomi Awoniyi, a former deputy governor of Kogi State, has commented on Dino Melaye’s nomination as the PDP’s candidate for governor of Kogi State.

Melaye received 313 votes to win the primary. Awoniyi received 77 votes to place second.

Melaye’s votes, according to a statement made by Awoniyi on Monday in Lokoja, were the result of a “tainted delegates list.”

Without a shadow of a doubt, I boldly declare that Senator Melaye’s triumph was a mirage. The unity of our party and the likelihood of winning the November 11 governorship race are both greatly endangered by this victory.

“The primary that produced Senator Melaye was flawed; 158 delegates, who emerged from the state ad hoc congress of March 29, 2023, were replaced by the pitiful Senator Abdul Ningi Congress Committee, working in tandem with Senator Dino Melaye’s enablers within the party hierarchy at the highest level,” said the Senator Abdul Ningi Congress Committee.

Awoniyi argued that it was unfair to give any candidate more than 158 votes in a contest with 739 votes and eight candidates. Because it gives the favored candidate an unfair advantage, it is dishonest, dishonorable, wicked, and unwholesome. Dino Melaye, a senator, won an illegal primary.

“This pyrrhic victory might appear to be a done deal, but things won’t be finished until after the governor’s race on November 11, 2023. Given the above, it may come as a surprise to some that I do not necessarily place the blame for our current situation on Senator Dino Melaye. He needs to examine his actions to determine if he has lived up to his reputation as a celestial counselor. But I condemn his supporters.

Melaye, in the meantime, gave God praise in a statement on Monday for making him the PDP’s choice for governor of Kogi State.

“Today (Sunday), April 16, 2023, the All-Powerful God demonstrated his existence in my life by responding to my Biblical name, Daniel,” he declared. He battled for me and brought victory to me, which I accepted on behalf of the other candidates, the wonderful PDP supporters inside and outside of Kogi State, and the decent citizens of our beloved Kogi State.

It is heartening to see the PDP show the world that Nigeria is not the jungle that the APC portrays it to be in the recently held elections over the last 50 days, especially in light of the democratic sacrilege committed by the APC in Kogi State about 48 hours ago and the electoral revulsion belching out of Adamawa State.

“I thank the leaders of our party at the national, State, local, and ward levels, my dear brothers who furthered the cause of democracy in this contest, and our many supporters who ensured that peace reigned, decorum prevailed, and conflicts were contained throughout the process,” the statement reads.

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